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At Ezfire, our mission to make developers more productive on the Firebase platform by providing the tools they expect. We originally started building Ezfire in May 2021 to solve our own problems. As Firebase developers ourselves, we yearned for a better way to collaborate with our Firebase data and a more natural way to securely access our production database. As we tried to solve this problem for ourselves, we realized that we were probably not the only ones facing this challenge. We decided to make Ezfire publically available to help others spend less time querying their data, and more time solving their issues.

Whether you are new to a project and trying to understand. in a new data landscape, or a domain expert trying to solve a mission critical bug, Ezfire is here to give you easy access to your production data.

If you have a general question or need help with anything on the site, please send an email to support@ezfire.io and we will get back to you within 24 hours.